Pranic Healing & Rebirthing Sessions in Nevada City


*Your 1st session can be up to 2 hrs long.

*Your session can be held in a treatment room or in a nature setting when weather permits.

​​**Clear out the energies that

cause dis-ease! **                                  

Beginning Sivananda Yoga Session

*If you need to eat before the session, please eat a light meal, and allow 30 min before class for digestion.

*If you have a yoga mat, please bring it.

*Please dress comfortably with loose fitting clothes.

**Live healthy and happy!**                                     

To schedule an appointment:

(916) 710-2144

Po box 1591, Nevada City, Ca 95959

Pranic Healing

*Pranic Healing sessions can be done by means of distant healing, or in person appointments.

*Clients will be seen in a treatment room at Inner Path in Nevada City, or a treatment room in my home in Nevada City. For very sick patients, I am willing to travel.

​*I prefer to see my patients in person for at least one session before we begin a distant healing regimen, but it is not necessary. If you are unable to come for an in-person appointment, I will need you to complete and return the required documents, as well as provide a photo.

*Please shower before the session, and not until 24 hours after the healing session.

Please carefully read all pertinent details regarding your upcoming session below:

Schedule an appointment on Visibook

Distant ​Pranic Healing
You will have the choice of having your session by phone or video conference using zoom

*If you decide to do a video conference:

You will be sent a zoom link prior to the session that will connect us to online video