*Mix and match what you want to do!

*All Cleanse Options given to you in the comfort of your home!

*Choose from this list of options:

Length: 1-7days
Juice: 1-3 times a day, custom made to detox your area of focus (i.e. kidneys, liver, gut, ect)
Detox Tea: 1-3 times a day, custom brewed with herbs that are congruent with your focus/goal
Energy Healing: Pranic Healing Protocol for Cleansing the Internal Organs or Cleansing Blood
Yoga: Customized session to help detox the body, clear intestines, stretch and massage organs
Massage: Organ Massage, stomach/intestinal massage, full body massage
Soups or Broths: Can make detoxifying broths from herbs and vegetables
Detox Meals: Kitcheri, Steam veggies, cleansing foods or meals

**Prices vary depending on amount of days and number of items chosen for cleanse.**

As my client, we will meet once per day, where you will be given your teas, juice, or meals for the day. If you have signed up for services on your cleanse day, they will be given when your cleansing items are delivered.

If this interests you, please respond with your name, when you would like to cleanse, for how long, as well as what particularly you'd like to focus on and include for your cleanse.

*I also can host retreats for groups, or do a couples or family cleanse

Customized Cleanses