Distant Pranic Healing

Bri Griffen is an experienced healer that’s uses a system called Pranic Healing to treat physical, emotional and mental imbalances, at a distance. All that is needed is a name and photo of the person receiving healing.

Pranic Healing Energy Healing can be used to treat many ailments:

*Stress, anxiety or panic attacks*
*Phobias, addictions, PTSD, and trauma*
*Insomnia, fatigue, restlessness*
*Gastrointestinal Issues*
*High Blood Pressure*
*Chronic Pain, Arthritis, herniated discs*
*Migraines, allergies, asthma*
*Broken bones, sprains, and injuries*

...And many other physical/emotional ailments

Pranic Healing Energy Healing can also be used for:

*Relationship Healing
*Prosperity Blocks
*Materialization of specific goals

Pranic Healing Energy corrects imbalances in the body’s energy field and transfers life force to the patient. This life force can also be characterized as universal energy; it is not the healer’s energy. Trained Pranic Healers access and transmit universal energy to the patient using specific frequencies and techniques for specific diseases and conditions. Pranic Healing is a three step process that substantially accelerates the body’s innate ability to heal at all levels.

Pranic healing is a form of no-touch energy healing in which the energy body, or aura, is cleansed and energized.  It is a distillation of essences of the world’s most effective energy healing modalities. This cleansing allows the life force, or prana, to flow through the mind/body system freely without obstruction, and can be increased in areas of the physical body where it is depleted, diseased or dysfunctional. Prana is described in the Vedic tradition as the body’s healing energy.  By allowing prana to move freely, self-healing mechanisms are activated. 

Pranic healing was created by a Chinese-Filipino spiritual teacher and energy master, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and is taught all over the world.  When used to complement other medical treatments, pranic healing offers a powerful catalyst to spark the body’s inner ability to heal itself.

“Pranic energy follows where your thought or intention is focused” (Master Choa Kok Sui – Miracles Through Pranic Healing p250′)

The basic principles behind Distant Healing:

a) Principle of Transmittability: The life force can be transmitted from one person to another person transcending space-time.

b) Principle of Receptivity: If a patient s against the healing, he/she would not receive the life force. He/she has to be receptive or at least neutral to receive the projected Pranic energy. His/her receptivity increases if he is relaxed. This aspect is important in case of distance healing because if the healee is not receptive or does not want to be healed, the chances of system failing are high. Some of the reasons for non-receptive nature of the patient are that they do not believe in pranic healing, they do not want to get well for some reason, or for some psychological reasons they are indifferent.

c) Principle of Interconnectedness: The healer and healee are interconnected because they both belong to the earth’s energy body. Hence it is easy to transfer the energies from one to other. This is important principle for distant pranic healing.

d) Principle of Directability: Energy follows thought. Wherever your intention is focused / directed, the energy follows that path. This is an important principle for distant pranic healing

The Healer and Patient are interconnected as both are part of the earth’s etheric body. The energy bodies that outline the physical bodies of both have no barriers.  Healing can be done at near proximity in the presence of healer, or at any long distances in the absence of the healer. It is possible to control and transmit healing energies or relieve any energy imbalances over any distance through thought process/intention.

Thought forms can be directed towards a target, and the Pranic energy follows wherever you focus your thought or intention. Healers balance and normalize a healer’s bio-energy system, relieving congestion or stale energy and promote the fresh positive energy and balance it, all through a long distance transcending the time-space domain.

In short, distant healing is a method of bio-energy healing at any long distance since energy is controlled and can be directed by mind/intention. It is sometimes called as ‘mind healing’ also.  Distant Pranic Healing is very convenient as it allows the patient to relax at home.
Even though the body appears to be material, it is not. In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy.  When we look beyond the molecules that make up the matter of the body, we see fields of energy.  In every culture, and every traditional medical system, healing was accomplished by addressing the energy body.  Our energy body that extends outward from the visible body, known as our aura, can be affected by our life experiences.  Certain life experiences can create congestion or depletion in specific areas of the energy body, and various energy healing modalities have been developed to address this.

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