"Excellent healer." -Mikael Stuart, Nevada City

What People Are Saying

“I was referred to Bri Griffen for a Pranic Healing session. I was looking for someone to help with what felt to me like energetic congestion, I couldn't explain what I was feeling it just felt like energy work was what I needed. It was my introduction to Pranic Healing and it was very relaxing, refreshing and effective. I was intrigued and decided to try some of the variations of Pranic Bri offers and focused in on a specific ailment.

I had been having pretty severe hot flashes for over a year, nothing else I did made a difference, dietary, hormone replacement etc. I invested in these sessions and followed her recommendations by doing biweekly sessions with her for a month, I can tell you that my hot flashes went away!

When I come down with the flu and fever it can trigger a subtle return of symptoms but I see her once and it clears.

I cant say enough about how impressed I am by Pranic Healing and Bri Griffen's abilities. It is now my monthly tune up and my go to when ever I need extra support.” -Karri Knowles, Grass Valley

"Bri me got me through some rough patches after brain surgery. " -Kenji, Hawaii